Atlas builds cutting-edge generative 3D AI technology to enable the creation of virtual worlds in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.

  • Speed

    Atlas generates assets in seconds so you can focus on creativity; anyone can use our B2C creator platform even those without coding or design backgrounds.

  • Scale

    Atlas can be deployed at multiple LODs from buildings to cities to worlds; an end-to-end workflow to turn your game concepts into a reality.

  • Diversity

    Atlas works with any style references from classical to futuristic; enabling diverse UGC content in games and virtual experiences.

Atlas generates worlds using a unique combination of Large Language Models, Computer Vision Algorithms, Diffusion Models and SDFs. Creators only need to provide text or reference images.

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Atlas is currently in a closed beta phase with key web3 and gaming partners. Please leave your email address and we will notify you as soon as the beta version becomes publicly available.

Integration with Major Platforms

Unreal Engine

Creator Friendly

Atlas interfaces with major Gaming and 3D engines to provide a smooth, non-destructive workflow for creators.

Game Ready

Atlas creates clean models with semantic segmentations, UV mappings, and clear geometric subdivisions.

Ben James

Architect whose works focus on the intersection of generative design and new technologies.

Michal Bušta

Data scientist with specializations in CV, ML and cybernetics.

Abel Mathew

Founder and CEO of Backtrace IO.

Timmu Tõke

Founder and CEO of Ready Player Me.

Geoff Renaud

Founder and CMO of Invisible North.

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